Can you imagine being ready for a nice relaxing shower only to find that there is very little water pressure and the water does not seem to warm up. That is exactly what happened to me after a really long day. We had just installed a new shower head and I was looking forward to jumping in and washing the day away. I was really disappointed and angry when the shower head simply seemed to fail me. That is when I learned that not all shower heads are the same and it does matter what you buy. If you are in need of a best shower head then there are some things that you are going to want to keep in mind.


Water Pressure Sucks With Shower Head

Shower lovers however have a myriad of options in regards to their showering time suitable for all tastes, budgets, and preferences. The most important aspect of changing an ordinary shower into an extraordinary experience is the showerhead.

The following range from ceiling mounted for tall people to little tots enjoying their first shower and the rest in-between. Top ranges and reviews to make the choice easier for you, the shower lover.

Best Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads: Hansgrohe 27474001

All tall people know the advantage of ceiling shower head and especially in the case of a large shower head, it is better for aesthetic purposes.

Hansgrohe-27474001-reviewApart from being the best shower head in water saving the Airpower technology further enhances the experience and looking at the combination of Raindance combined Airpower it is without a doubt the Hansgrohe 27474001 that is the number one choice. With over 100 hundred years of experience the Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead, 10-inch Chrome is the top choice in Airpower technology, with option of a gentle rain shower or powerful massage jet. With the 9.5-inch shower head, you have the widest spray of air-infused water spray. The Airpower technology causes the water droplets to be plumper and softer and utilizing the RainAir spray mode from the large 95-inch showerhead, you are ensured of an intense shower experience. The only downside of the airpower is the softness of the droplets and some customers, very few we might add complained about the water pressure being too weak.

Best Handheld Shower Head: Ana Bath SS5450CCP

Handheld shower heads have complete flexibility and great for all ages and sizes with rinsing a breeze as you can easily direct the water flow where needed. It is the preferred shower head for larger people, with the flexibility to use it as a fixed wall mounted shower head.

Best-Handheld-Shower-HeadFor its flexibility, the Ana Bath SS5450CCP 5 Inch Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System, Chrome Plated Finish is the number one choice in handhelds. With large three-way diverter mount, 5-function, 5-inch shower head and five function, 5-inch handheld shower it is the ideal combo shower system on the market. With a 60-inch Stainless Steel Shower Hose, easy installation and excellent price it is difficult to find any negativity from satisfied customers. Few customers who complained about water pressure, but the overall rating is still 4.6 stars out of five.

Best LED Color Changing Shower Head

You would be surprised at the comments you will receive with LED Color Changing Showerheads in a guest bathroom. Most people initially purchase these heads for children and grand children in the house, but end up having just as much fun while showering.

LED-COLOR-Changing-Shower-HeadThe best choice for colorful shower experience is the LED COLOR Changing Shower Head with no batteries required, but working with water pressure. With three main colors, green, blue and red it transition colors are teal, light blue and purple. Easily installed and great water pressure you experience a colorful shower with decent water pressure. That is until the LED stops working and you are left with just the shower. Customers complain that in some cases the LED lights only lasted three days, others several months while very few had lights still working beyond six months.

Best Showerheads with Speaker: Kohler K-9245

Are you one of those who sing in the shower? Do you want to sing along with someone, while doing your daily cleansing ritual, this is the perfect way when you connect your Bluetooth device to the showerhead.

Best-Showerheads-with-SpeakerThe Kohler K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower head and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome has water-resistant wireless speaker using one rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Stream your favorite music, news, or radio show to your shower head with a simple and easy installation. The water spray with 60 angled nozzles deliver powerful spray and customers have no complaints about the sound quality, reporting that it is on par with the sound of a decent clock radio. The negative side of the speaker is the sound, which some customers complained, is too soft regardless of the volume it is cranked to.

Best Chlorine Filtering Shower Head: Culligan WSH-C125

People with sensitive skin as well as conditions such as eczema cannot tolerate the chlorine water are treated with. In some cities, the chlorine levels are quite high and sensitive skins are affected negatively. Removing the chemical from shower water is easily done since shower heads with chlorine filters became available.

Best-Chlorine-Filtering-Shower-HeadThe top choice is the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10, 000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Shower head with Chrome Finish. The patented filter reduces 99 present of chlorine from your water with an anti-clog rubber spraying nozzles. The shower head has five spray setting with massage action has a five-year NFC certification. At a very competitive price, the filter only has to be replaced every six months. With over a thousand reviews on Amazon, it scores 4.4 stars with satisfied customers stating it was the best purchase they ever made. Hair and skin will feel softer, with few complaints that the filter did not last quite six months before replacement was due. Other options we looked at.

Best Rain Shower head: Moen s6320

Nothing beats the feeling of standing in the rain, however quite impractical to strip yourself down and stand outside with a bar of soap and bottle of shampoo in the other. Since the inception of Rain shower heads, they are one of the number one choices all homeowners are leaning towards.

Moen-s6320A top seller with rave reviews scoring 4.8 out of 5 stars out of hundreds of customers is the Moen s6320 Velocity Two-Function 8-inch Diameter Rainshower Chrome Showerhead. Far above its competitors in price and function, it has self-pressuring Immersion technology allowing water force with three times more spray than the competitors do. Two spray patterns one for concentrated rinse and rains howermode there is nothing negative about the shower head unless you count one customer complaining about the price negativity. Installation is not really any difficult than other shower heads and that is also a plus. The one negative with this shower head is that some of the finishes can be as much as $100 more expensive.

Best Children’s Shower head:Rinse Ace 3901

Parents have no problems in teaching very young children who often dislike showering to start loving it. Small children do not appreciate the falling water from above and even handheld showers hold no fascination.

Rinse-Ace-3901There is only one option without a doubt, the Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children’s shower head with 3-foot Quick-Connect/Detachable Hose and Dolphin Character. At a very low price, children will enjoy showering with the animated character delivering a soft spray. Simple to use it easily connect to any shower head and taken down after use. The only downside is complaints that the suction cups does not always such as well as it should.

Best Wall Mounted Shower Head: Speakman S-2005-HB

If you are seeking an economic shower head without any interesting features and settings, especially if it is not your own home a wall-mounted shower head is the obvious choice. Without any difficulty, you simply screw it on and easily remove if you live in a rental it is commonly found in hotel rooms.

Speakman-S-2005-HBThe Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head, Polished Chrome is equipped with five adjustable jets, which produces 50 individual streams fitting all standard U.S. plumbing connectors. Ideal for places with low water pressure as the powerful spray performs very well regardless of lower pressures. Customers complain about the limited amount of settings and pressure however, it clearly is not manufactured with special settings and features.

Best Water Saver Shower Head: American Standard FloWise 1660

American-Standard-FloWise-1660The American Standard FloWise 1660.717 is one of the best low flow shower heads that you may want to consider. It is not going to mix air with the water so you know that your shower is always going to be nice and warm. This shower head is also very quiet when compared with other shower heads. There are a number of finished available for you to select from so it will always look good in your bathroom. As far as negatives go in relation to this shower head, it has been mentioned that it is actually relatively small.

Best High Pressure Shower Head: Peerless 2-in-1 Shower System 76950

Peerless-2-in-1-Shower-System-76950Another option for you will be the Oxygenics SkinCare 60120. This has been found to be one of the best high pressure shower heads for those that are looking to decrease the amount of water that they are using. It is possible to purchase a handheld version as well if you are interested in that. One thing to keep in mind with this product is that it does mix air with the water so you could find that you are using more warm water to get the temperature that you are looking for.

Best Two in One Shower Head:Peerless 2-in-1 Shower System 76950

Two-in-One-Shower-Head reviewConsider the Peerless 2-in-1 Shower System 76950 is great if you want to have a two in One Shower shower head as well as a handheld. It is even possible to use both of these at one time for an even more relaxing shower. You may be shocked to know that it costs less than many of the traditional shower heads that you are going to find. It is only available in chrome and that may be a problem for some people.


Installation It is always best to know just how difficult the shower head is going to be to install. Most of the time you are going to find that they are not difficult to replace at all. However, if you are not really good at home repairs you will always need to read the packing for the shower head first to see what it will take to install it. In fact, you may even find that there are some shower heads out there that are going to include all of the tools that you need in the package so that you do not have to buy them.

Anti-scald Determine if you will need to have a shower head that is considered to be anti-scald. You are going to find that these are really nice if you have small children in your home or even older adults. The water pressure will be greatly reduced from the shower head if the water is a certain temperature.

Cost It is always best to consider the price that you want to pay. You are going to find that many of the shower heads that have different spray patterns may be more expensive. While these are nice, they are not often used like you think they would be. Many times the individual uses one pattern after a few weeks so there is no need to have multiple patterns. It may not be worth the cost.

Quality There are a lot of people that believe the finish of the shower head is going to effect how long it lasts. That is why they will pay more for a high quality finish. You need to understand that this is not what causes the head to stop working properly. This usually happens from the buildup of minerals in the head. Keep that in mind if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper.

Types You are going to find that when it comes to the best type of shower head you will also need to look at the settings that are available. It will be possible for you to look at multisetting, single settings and even best shower panels/shower towers. If you make the decision to purchase a shower head with multisettings you will be able to pick from 12 different shower experiences. These will range from a mist to even a water saving mode that you can use when you are washing with your soap. Some people do not want all of that and they will simply go with a basic single setting. They are not going to cost as much as a mulit shower head would cost and that is one huge benefit. Finally, if you want your shower experience to be similar to that of a spa then it would be a good idea to go with the shower tower. The shower is going to come with multiple jets for a very exhilarating experience. Keep in mind you will also have a fixed shower head that you can utilize as well. These units do tend to use more hot water so if you are planning on getting one you may need to get a larger hot water heater.

In the end, it can be difficult to decide what shower head is the best for you. If you are really having a difficult time trying to figure out what to buy then you will want to find out if you can see some of your favorites in action. There are some home improvement stores that will provide you with real life demonstrations. Another area I believe is important is the shower head reviews. It may be good for you to read these detailed reviews in order to make a more informed decision about what you should buy. No matter what you decide be sure that you are reading the package in order to see what you need for installation. There is no reason for you to get home only to find that you do not have the tools that you need. It may also be a good idea for you to find out if there is a warranty with the shower head. You may never need it but it is still nice to know that you are going to be taken care of if you would have a problem with the shower head.